Something we all have in common perhaps?

Posted: November 29th 2014

From conversations I have had with various people of late it would seem that something that links us all is our frustration when we feel our time has been wasted needlessly.  This can come in many forms sometimes it occurs in our personal lives when we have undertaken a task to find it hasn’t produced
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My first LinkedIn Article experience

Posted: October 30th 2014

Well finally, after a bit of proof-reading delay, my first couple of LinkedIn articles have been published. Initially, when I received an email inviting me to publish an article, I wasn’t entirely sure what I could write about but I managed to get inspiration thanks to the prompts that LinkedIn provided. It was incredibly easy
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How can I achieve clarity?

Posted: July 18th 2014

Welcome to Clarity. It is really exciting to have launched my new and updated website which reflects the services that I have been offering to a diverse range of clients and customers.  What I did realise a few weeks ago, when reflecting on the services I can provide, is that they all share one thing
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