Presentations are required in numerous situations these days from interviews to training events; corporate functions to social occasions like weddings. Clarity can help you in a variety of ways to ensure that your presentation works for the situation as illustrated below:

For an interview, your presentation should be dynamic and your materials should support but not constrain, aid but not dominate, provide an ‘anchor’ to your presentation but not give it all away in writing. And most importantly YOU are what the interview panel is interested in so the materials should not detract from you and your skills.

For a training event, your presentation should be engaging, clear and if using slides they may need to have a dual function of not only being effective while delivering the training but also work as hand-out and training reference documents.

PowerPoint can often be seen as the only presentation tool but other approaches are available and may be more appropriate either to the task or to ensure you are at your most confident when delivering the information to the audience.

Assistance in delivering your presentation

If you want help preparing to give your presentation, Clarity can provide assistance so you can rehearse your presentation and get helpful feedback on how to deliver your presentation in a way that will engage the audience.

PowerPoint slide production

If you are an experienced speaker; comfortable presenting information and know what you want to present but want to use PowerPoint slides and do not know how to use that software, Clarity can convert your material into slides including MasterSlide; slide transition and animation depending on your needs.

Support for interview presentation requirements

If you have to give a presentation for interview purposes, Clarity can help by working with you to ensure you deliver an interesting and dynamic presentation that you feel is congruent to you as a person.