It has been a long-held tradition for the Best Man; Father of the Bride and Groom to speak at a wedding and these days it isn’t just the men who give speeches at the wedding – Brides have been known to speak too!
Despite weddings being a day of celebration; joy and laughter it is very common for those giving a speech to be overcome with nerves either due to speaking in public or due to the pressure of wanting to deliver a great speech for the Bride & Groom.
More recently some speeches are expected to be delivered with props or PowerPoint slides containing embarrassing baby pictures or images from the Stag and Hen parties.

As a consequence those delivering a speech at a forthcoming wedding can be racked with nerves or feel pressure to do a fantastic and memorable job.

The good news is I can help you, or those you have asked to speak at your wedding, to overcome the worry; assist with speech content and supporting materials including PowerPoint.

Here is an idea of the kind of services I can offer:

Individual speaker support

Overcoming any nerves; help with delivery and general content guidance
3 hours support – delivered face to face or via Skype and in 1 hour blocks or as agreed
= £180.

Individual speaker support PLUS

As above but includes assistance with PowerPoint or accompanying materials
5 hours support in total including preparation of materials
= £250

Men only workshop

4 hour workshop for Best Man; Groom and Father of the Bride (or equivalent speaker) (maximum of 4 men from wedding party)
Looking at delivery
Overcoming any nerves
Delivered in a face to face workshop situation
= £850

All Girls together workshop

4 hour workshop for Bride; Mother of the Bride/Groom and any other female speakers (maximum of 4 women from the wedding party)
Looking at delivery
Overcoming any nerves
Delivered in a face to face workshop situation
= £850

Wedding party workshop

4 hour workshop provided for any weddings; blessings; civil ceremonies etc where a number of people intend to give a speech
Basis as per other workshops listed above (maximum of 4 people)
= £850

Support on the Big Day

I am willing to provide a package of support that includes guidance on delivery; overcoming nerves and coaching about delivering speeches that incorporates support on the day of celebration itself in the form of telephone support or Skype prior to giving speeches.

I am happy to discuss and agree a price with you for this package.

By all means if you require something more specific or if you have another situation involving giving a speech or presentation in a social or celebratory setting, please get in touch with your requirements and a price will be mutually agreed.