Posted: November 29th 2014 | Posted in Clarity

From conversations I have had with various people of late it would seem that something that links us all is our frustration when we feel our time has been wasted needlessly.  This can come in many forms sometimes it occurs in our personal lives when we have undertaken a task to find it hasn’t produced the results we were expecting.  All too often it occurs in our work lives, producing information or data that is subsequently not required; training a new recruit who leaves just as they are able to have work delegated to them; completing a significant piece of work and then your IT system decides to crash and lose all of your effort in milliseconds.

The examples outlined above are often things that are outside of our control and frustrating however they are situations where we can do nothing other than accept the situation and consider if there are any points of learning or risk mitigation that can be gained from the experiences.

All too often our time can be needlessly wasted due to a simple lack of clarity and if assumptions are made, it can result in time wasted in either producing an output that is greater in detail than is necessary or is not entirely relevant.  Sometimes, particularly when we are incredibly busy, it is all too easy to make snap decisions and assumptions in a desire to get things done as soon as possible and yet it is in these times more than ever we need to obtain clarity first so we maximise the time we have and don’t inadvertently waste time and energy.

So if we can all consider providing clear and succinct information when assigning a task to someone or requesting information and conversely if you are the recipient of a task or request, don’t be afraid to ask some questions to ensure you understand the task and get clarification.

Perhaps we could save ourselves and others from the incredibly annoying situations when we feel we’ve totally wasted our time.

So let’s all seek to gain some clarity!


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