At the heart of Clarity is me, Sally Robinson.

I’ve worked in various sectors from Local Authority to Financial Services; Commercial to Charitable and there are a number of skills I’ve honed that I wish to share with others. Coaching has been a successful part of my management roles and I have seen the benefits that coaching can bring to individuals not only in a work capacity but on a personal level.

I have a passion for training and presenting and have delivered workshop training on IT systems through to Codes of Practice as set by NGOs and presented on complex areas of information to audiences of up to 200+ people.

Finally since 2007 I have been heavily involved in designing projects to implement organisational change and prepare organisations for the impacts of legislative reforms.

On a more personal note I live with my husband in South Staffordshire with 2 dogs (currently); am hugely interested in self-development and also assisting with addressing the stigmas associated with mental health. I have also been trained by the Alzheimer’s Society to deliver Dementia Friends Information Sessions on a voluntary basis to the community so if this is of interest to you, please get in touch with me.